Friday, October 28, 2016

Army of Self Love :: Improv Hourglass

For Bee Sewcial this month, Kari/[quiltsforthemaking] chose a theme uplifting the beauty of diversity, specifically of women. The simple hourglass block was selected to represent and embrace the many shapes, proportions and colors all women come in. Of course, our blocks were to be created improvisationally, which I found a bit tricky but fun to explore.

Click here to see the photo Kari provided as inspiration - an hourglass quilt by Eleanor McCainwith with alot of variation in shapes and sizes. After working on my own blocks, I thought it might be worth sharing some process photos. 

Truth be told, I worked from the scrap basket for all of the blocks, and found that odd-shaped fabric pieces weren't a detriment in the least. So start as you would with more traditional hourglass blocks, with two fabrics right-sides together. I used my hera marked to mark a diagonal line. Note that it isn't necessary to mark exactly through the corners, 

Stitch 1/4" on either side of the marked line, then cut the two halves apart and press.

Place the two pressed pieces right-sides together, with colors opposite. Mark a new hera line, stitch on either side, cut apart, and press. Note that with the pieces below, I didn't match the seams, but left them separated slightly.

With these being improv, matching or not matching the seams adds to the irregular appeal of the blocks. After piecing, the blocks are really ragged-looking.

It's all in the trimming, which I did haphazardly on these sample blocks. Obviously you could square them up more. Or not. And notice, left to right, the different look depending on how closely you 'matched' the seams (separated, matched, overlapping).

So this just may be a technique I'll explore more. Whatcha think?