Monday, January 23, 2017

Studio Nine :: Sewing Machine LED Lighting Kit

January started off with a small but helpful studio enhancement - improved lighting. Specifically, the lighting right in the space where the sewing happens, thanks to a Sewing Machine LED Lighting Kit, which I'd seen others rave about, and you can just add me to that list.

Here's what you'll find when you open the box:

As advertised, it's very quick and easy to install, and comes with everything you need. The string of LEDs is 24.5", which was more than generous for my JUKI, and the excess was easy to snip off.

Of course, the real test happens once you turn the switch on, and I found noticeable improvement. I do sew next to a window, so I use as needed, but I'm really pleased for the option.

An expansion pack is available, so you can make use of the length of lights you snip off on a second machine, if that applies to you. At any rate, for old eyes like mine, this little addition helps alot.

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